UN WOMAN - Gender-responsive budgeting and climate finance tracking

Posted on 8 Aug, 2023 by Zoran Kapor

Within the UN Women regional project Transformative Financing for Gender Equality Towards More Transparent, Inclusive and Accountable Governance in the Western Balkans, funded by Sida and its integral intervention on gender-responsive budgeting and climate finance tracking at the local level in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, one-day in-person training sessions for local government representatives in nine municipalities were organized during April and May 2023. The training aimed at supporting capacity building for gender and climate responsive financing and tracking, based on the methodology developed by the UN Women in 2021.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina training was conducted in Banja Luka, Centar Sarajevo, Istočna ilidža, Lukavac, Tešanj and Trebinje, while in Serbia in Kragujevac, Lazarevac and Užice.
The purpose of training sessions was to familiarize local governments and other stakeholders with the innovative methodology to assess the gender and climate impact of budget funding in sectors of energy and agriculture, as well as to facilitate local uptake of the checklist developed for implementation of the tool. At the same time, the community-based application of the tool served to verify applicability and usefulness for local governments in both countries.

Trainings were organized in close cooperation with the Cabinet of the Mayor and Local Gender Equality Mechanisms. The training was designed to meet the needs of local self-government administration staff working in the realm of agriculture and energy policy and budget planning, implementation, and monitoring at the local level. The training was also open to the participation of civil society organizations.


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