About us

GFA South East Europe d.o.o., established in Belgrade in April 2013, is a subsidiary of the Hamburg-based GFA Consulting Group GmbH. After implementing development cooperation projects in the Western Balkans for many years, GFA Consulting Group decided to establish a subsidiary operation and support technical assistance projects in the fields of climate and energy on the local level. The support ranges from capacity building and institutional strengthening, design of local planning documents such as municipal energy efficiency plans, solid waste management plans, energy related communication strategies, up to support for identification, preparation and tendering of climate change mitigation investments. Smart and climate resilient municipalities is of special focus for GFA SEE with a number of municipalities supported across the region. Within the last 8 years, it was possible for GFE SEE to build a broad network among regional stakeholders and to accrue regional experience in supporting national ministries in energy and climate action. The experience shows the variety from policy advice, as part of transposing EU Energy and Climate acquis, up to support for project development and identification of appropriate financing schemes. GFA South East Europe has three full-time employees with more than 30 associates across the region and presents an ideal partner for project management in the Western Balkans region.

Our Services

The core service of GFA South East Europe is project management including planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. Additionally, we perform feasibility and sector studies for public and private clients.

Moreover, GFA assists foreign companies entering local markets and helps in organizing conferences and business match-making events.

GFA South East Europe provides outstanding services in the strategic business areas below:

  • Energy, Environment and Climate Change
  • Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Private Sector Development

Our Team & Offer

We offer technical assistance for:

  1. Acquisition
  2. Backstopping
  3. Expert provision

Mr Zoran Kapor, Managing Director

Zoran Kapor has been with GFA since 2007. His graduate education is in agricultural engineering at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad, with a master´s degree in environmental policy from the University Business Academy in Novi Sad. His areas of experience include project management, as well as technical assignments in the areas environment, energy, and agriculture. Since April 2013, Mr. Kapor has been stationed in Belgrade and serves as managing director of GFA South East Europe.

Ms Mirjana Mrgic, Administrative Project Coordinator

Mirjana Mrgic has been a project assistant with GFA South East Europe since September 2013. After finishing her studies in Munich, she returned to Serbia and obtained relevant experience working with international companies in Serbia.


GFA South East Europe d.o.o.
Resavska 28
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Mr Zoran Kapor
Managing Director

Phone: +381 11 3283 017